Tiny Torontonian

As you may know, living quarters are small in Toronto, or they cost you an arm and a leg. I got in touch with one attic dweller to see how she saves space in her Toronto apartment.


This clever little table is on the other side of the stairwell wall doubling as a bookshelf! The table folds down to save space and the chairs are hung on the wall beside the patio window.


This brings us into the living room where some plants were hung with a copper pipe and IKEA planters to make sure they get the best light.


Here we have another bar used for utensils and magnet bar for knives. As well, a small dish rack that just fits as there is no counter space. She has also added a bar cart under the diy ‘pantry’ wall for prep space. The pantry holds all her dry goods labelled with chalk labels on the fronts.


Under the sink she has used a freestanding rack for cutting boards and an over door hanger for foil, plastic and bags. On the back of the bathroom door are all the cleaning supplies- who needs a closet when you have a shoe organizer!

Lastly, inside the bathroom she has taken a small cork board to display jewelry in the fraction of wall space here.

Living small isn’t that difficult; you just have to come up with clever ways to use every inch of space you have in unique ways!

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