DIY Concrete Planters

I wouldn’t consider myself a DIYer but I am a crafter. This seemed like a big undertaking but I’ve always loved the look and it seems impossible to find concrete planters under $10. Well what if I told you, you could make over 15 planters (depending on size) for under $20?! Read on my friend!

Shopping List:

  • Sand Concrete- I used this
  • Mixing bucket
  • Something to stir with
  • Recycled items of your choice and size- you will need an outside and inside liner
  • Bucket of water
  • Utility knife
  • Gloves
  • Concrete sealer- I used this (smallest amount I could find)
  • Foam brush



Alright, let’s begin. I layed down some cardboard so concrete didn’t get on my balcony and stay there. Once you have rummaged through recycling bins and accumulated what you need; pair the outsides and insides. Then pour some concrete into the bucket, add water as needed. I started with a quarter of the bag and did molds as I went so I didn’t end up with extra. I read the directions and followed the ratio but found it was way too thick to pour into molds. Add water as needed and stir- use those muscles! Mix at a ratio until its pourable like pancake mix but not soupy.

Pour into molds about half or 3/4 of the outer shell, put the inner container inside and see if you want the walls to be taller. Once you have the size/ height you’re looking for; pat the outsides to level out and pour water inside the empty middle. The concrete is going to try to reject this so we need to weigh it down.


Now, let it dry! I left it for about 2 days, took it out of its shell and let it dry for another two.


I wasn’t thinking and put wider bottom bottles inside and could not get them out so two have a plastic lining.


Photos above show wet out of shell to dry. You will see the colour get lighter as they dry.

Then through the recommendation of Exclusive Concrete, I needed to seal since concrete is porous. This will prevent staining. You can buy various sheens but I shopped around until I found a flat finish. Of course I didn’t need a gallon but I’ll save it for a rainy day.


I coated the outside, left overnight, then coated the inside. You only need a light application. And voila- ready for planting! You can also paint these if you want a bright colour or dipped look!


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